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google'a 3 aylık stajyer alımı

Konusu 'İş ve Kariyer' forumundadır ve sehnsucht06 tarafından 25 Şubat 2009 başlatılmıştır.

    25 Şubat 2009
    Konu Sahibi : sehnsucht06
  1. sehnsucht06

    sehnsucht06 **ÖZLEM** Üye

    28 Aralık 2008
    Ödül Puanları:
    Basvuru Bilgileri:Basvurularin
    Associate Product Marketing Manager Intern (Multiple Locations Available) adresinden yapilmasi
    Hepinize iyi sanslar

    We have an exciting internship available in the marketing team of the Google
    Istanbul office.

    We are looking for an Associate Product Marketing Manager Intern to work in our
    Istanbul office, full time for 6 months starting immediately OR part time for 3
    months and then 3 months full time over the summer.

    The successful applicant will work with the Google Marketing team. The team is
    responsible for developing our vertical marketing strategies in support of Google\'s
    sales and operations efforts worldwide. The team applies the same level of creative
    originality to Google\'s marketing activity that the company has applied to online
    search and advertising.

    You will be responsible for supporting Google\'s growth and revenue generating
    efforts through effective and results-focused marketing campaigns. Responsibilities
    include working with the Product Marketing Managers, the corporate marketing group,
    sales, and product support to drive a variety of projects. You will gain exposure
    working on both B2B products and B2C products. Relevant work authorisation is

    Students wishing to apply must submit an English CV at the following link
    accompanied by university transcripts or full grade summary. They must have at least
    1 term of academic studies to return to after they have completed their internship.

    * Market analysis to identify major players, potential partners and
    opportunities for each product.
    * Defining and implementing a customer communications strategy.
    * Providing follow up and tracking marketing initiatives.
    * Defining market research studies to gain knowledge about user attitudes and
    * Providing support to the sales team.


    * Students with a Bachelors/Masters degree in progress. Priority given to
    students in their pen-ultimate year of study.
    * Proven track record of exceptional performance and high productivity.
    * Fluent in English and Turkish.
    * Strong interest in product marketing, direct marketing, marketing programme
    management, or consulting.
    * Passion for analyzing products, customers and market dynamics.
    * Strong organizational and analytical skills and demonstrated capacity for
    understanding strategy.
    * Understanding of the search, online advertising, or web publishing markets and
    passion for working on a variety of product and search related challenges.